"Always the showman at centre stage"


  Music has been at the heart of my life since school,    early instruments were Harmonica, piano, mandolin,  guitar, drums, flute & piccolo, sax and singer.


        1st Kings Regiment      1966 to 1974

    "Royal Collage of Music" Kneller Hall London. 1969-1970

First signs of natural ability came by chance with "The Kingtones" while with them on a gig, the singer had a sore throat & told me to get on stage and sing, before I new what had happened I had sung Money, Boys, & Jailhouse Rock three songs, and after sitting down, realized how natural it had been just to get up and sing, and since then the rest has been a long road of enjoyment and adventure.


     "Hetherington & James" Duo 1975-1980


  "Bryan Hetherington" multi instrumentalist 1980-1985


"Bryan Kramer" 1986- present day still performing


"Rock Stewart" 2005- present day still performing.

Wigan's very own Rod Stewart has worked with such distinguished artiste's as

Janet Wilson & the Supreme's, Bernard Manning, Matt Monroe, Del Shannon,

The Krankies, Malcolm Vaughn, Ken Dodd,

Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders 

Eddy Flannigan, Hal Nolan, Micky Finn, The Nolan sisters


Blessed with a voice a little like Rod Stewart. 

12 years ago after repeated requests from a number of agents & friends,

 I embarked into the world of the tribute scene, singing to stunned audiences, so much so that the next move was to expose the results to a local agent who quickly saw the potential and got me some lucrative bookings, and before I new it I was on the BBC1 TV show


The similarities between the real

Rod Stewart and myself are surprising,

Appeared on "Loose Women" 9/9/2015 a little fun competition

I used to play intermediate football for Manchester United and Bury when at school,

I learned to play harmonica at the age of 16,

Rod is 72 years old, I'm younger

Our star signs are CAPRICORN so we do tend to think alike

My birthday is on the 14th January, Rod's is the 10th January 1945.

I have been married 3 times just like Rod.


I have the Rod Stewart look, the nose and the voice to rock what more could I want?