Looking back at past years of entertaining. 1966-2016

1966 to 2017 looking back. Here are photo's from those years.

1966 joined British Army The 1st King's Regt,. as a bandsman.

This is where the training came from to help me become an entertainer.

Marching the streets of Hamburg 1970

1970 Minden Germany

Alway's been a fan of "JIMI HENDRIX" what a photo

1973 To get the look right was important to me.

The fashion in Hong Kong was very Americanized thus here I am.

What was I thinking, really !!!!

1972-1974 The look soon progressed to the rest of the group and,

"Hey"  the band had character a style a look of the 70s and 80s                                        "THE KINGTONES" 

were from left to right   

 Benny Tayler guitar & vocals,       

 Me Lead Vocals & Guitar,                    

 Brian Lane   drums,      

 Susan Butler vocals,         

 Robert Crabtree Vocals,                      

 George Youper  Bass.


This band was together in Germany, Preston, Hong Kong. .

1974 November I left the Army and took on a full head of hair, and a new outlook, I needed to find a way to entertain in normal life.

Clubs and pubs all over the country had entertainment,

So teamed up with Robert Crabtree,

and started a Duo called.

1975  Hetherington & James 

This lasted a few years and was great fun,

but we both felt the need to go solo. 

So took on the roll of solo artiste with a lot of success.

Bryan Hetherington solo act 1979. working with

Jannet Wilson & the Supreme's, The  Crankies,

Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders,

Matt Munrow, Del Shannon, The Crankies, 

Jimmy Cricket, Roy Chubby Brown, Bernard Manning, Eddy Flannigan, Ken Dodd, Rainbow Cottage,

Malcolm Vaughn, Eric Dalaney,  to name but a few.

1980's found me working all over the world in many way's as

"BRYAN KRAMER" multi instrumentalist on the cruise ships             As a multi-instrumentalist performing to

                          multi nationalities.

Sitting in with the band as a lounge musician.

 Turning to my skills as a dancer.

Three part harmony songs from  "The Show Stopper".

Of course there had to be leisure, some of the time. Barbados after a sudden downpour.

My love's, golf & horse riding in the Caribbean.

                         The SUN CHASER

 This is the latest addition to my life

the 1100cc Yamaha Virago "1997" 

Cheers for looking through the gallery hope you enjoyed the experience.


                 I love my job.cheers to you all.