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                       STILL THE UK's

                        NUMBER ONE.


                                         Telephone   01942 203254
                                         Mobile        07789 321705
                        Dates Contracted.


December  Tue.,    12th      Park House Hotel             Birmingham
Dec., Wed.,  13th                Available
December Thur.,   14th      William Gladstone Resterant Liverpool
December   Fri.,    15th      Gwestyr Emlyn Hotel Newcastle Emlyn South Wales              
December   Sat.,    16th      Cradoc Golf Club Brecon    Powy's
December   Sun.,   17th       Mo Simmans private party London
Dec., Mon., 18th                 Available
December   Tue.,    19th      Rivaj Resteraunt              Wigan
December   Wed.,   20th     Van Dyke Hotel                Clowne
December   Thur.,   21st     San Angelo's Restraunt    Wetherby
December   Fri.,      22nd    Beaufort Park Hotel         Flint Cheshire
December   Sat.,      23rd    Bent's Lane Social Club      M/cr
December   Sun.,     24th    Booked
December   Mon.,    25th    Merry Christmas to one & all 

December  Tue.,    26th      Old Swan Club  Old Swan   Liverpool

December   Thur.,  28th     Deane Golf Club                Bolton 

December   Fri.,     29th     The Vikings                        Goole

December   Sat.,    30th

December   Sun.,   31st       Available

                        January 2018


January    Fri.,     5th Rose & Crown     Edgeworth    Nr.,Bolton

January    Sat.,    6th   Shout enquiry

Jan., Sunday 7th                     Available


January    Fri.,  12th   The Pack Horse                        Bury

January    Sat.,  13th  St., Thomas;s S & Social   Wigan

Jan., Sun., 14th                      Available


January    Fri.,  19th  The Pocket Mexborough      Rotherham

January    Sat.,  20th  Pleasington Golf Club Blackburn Maureen

January    Sun., 21st  Oscars Bar       6pm start               Bolton


January    Fri.,  26th  Branston Country & Golf Club   Burton on Trent 

January    Sat.,  27th Van Dyke Hotel                   Clowne Worksop

January    Sun., 28th Vickers Cross Golf Club  Chester   Kenny

                       February 2018

February  Fri.,    2nd Octagon Live Kiethley       Leeds 

February  Sat.,   3rd Cleck Heaton S & Social   Bradford

Feb., Sun., 4th                     Available

Feb., Mon., 5th 

February  Tue.,   6th Pizza Bella Resterant        Bury

February  Fri.,    9th  The Tavern                   Widnes 

February  Sat.,  10th Lyndene Hotel               Blackpool 

Feb., Sun., 11th                    Available


February  Fri.,  16th Sinna Warren Hotel Isle of Healing Warners

February  Sat.,  17th  South Wales Hawthorne Ent's

Feb., Sun., 18th                    Available


February  Fri.,  23rd The Centurian                 Chester   

February  Sat.,  24th Saltburn By The Sea        Middlesboro

February  Sun., 25th Sinna Warren Hotel   Warners Hereford 

                            March 2018

March      Fri.,    2nd  Risboro Hotel          Blackpool

March      Sat.,    3rd Sheraton Hotel          Blackpool

March      Sun.,   4th


March Fri., 9th 

March      Sat.,   10th Park House Hotel     Blackpool

March Sun., 11th                Available

March Tue.,  13th  Working Holiday                                                                                     

March Wed., 14th  Working Holiday

March Thur., 15th  Working Holiday 

March  Fri.,   16th Working Holiday

March  Sat.,  17th  Working Holiday

March Sun.,  18th  Working Holiday

March Mon., 19th   Working Holiday

March Tue.,  20th   Working Holiday                                                                                    

March Wed., 21st Available 


March      Fri.,  23rd  Carousel Hotel                 Blackpool

March      Sat.,  24th  Rosehill House Elaine  Warwickshire

March      Sun., 25th  The Manor Inn                   Leeds

March     Wed.,28th  MEGA start of season

March      Fri., 30th  Cave Castle Hotel       Nr., Bridlington 

March      Sat., 31st  Idle & Thackley Con., Club Bradford 

                     April 2018

April Sunday 1st  Available


April Fri., 6th   Available

April         Sat.,   7th Aztec Hotel Bristol; Falklands Veterans Reunion

April Sun., 8th   Available


April Fri.,13th Available

April         Sat.,   14th Lyndene Hotel             Blackpool

April Sun., 15th  Available

April Thursday 19th Brindley Theatre     Runcorn Billy & Wally Show

April Fri., 20th Available

April         Sat.,   21st The Naval Club            Liverpool

April Sun., 22nd The Melville Hotel    Stretford private party


April Fri., 27th  Available

April        Sat.,   28th Aintree Con., Club          Liverpool

April Sun., 29th   Available

                      May 2018

May Fri., 4th Available

May        Sat.,      5th Norton Central Club      Stoke on Trent

May Sun., 6th  Available


May Fri., 11th Available

May        Sat.,   12th  High Bebbington B Legion Birney Birches Club

May Sun., 13th  Available


May        Fri.,    18th Auberge Brasserie & Rest.,        Southport

May        Sat.,    19th Lyndene Hotel                       Blackpool 

May Sun., 20th  Available


May        Fri.,    25th Van Dyke Hotel       Clowne Worksop 

May         Sat.,   26th Railway Hotel       Handforth Wilmslow

May Sun., 27th Available

                         June 2018

June         Fri.,     1st     Huntley Unionist Club     Bury

June         Sat.,     2nd   Elgin Hotel                Blackpool

June Sun., 3rd  Available


June Fri., 8th Available

June         Sat.,     9th   The Palace             St., Annes

June Sun., 10th  Available


June Fri., 15th Available

June         Sat.,     16th  Stretford Railway Club    M/cr

June Sun., 17th  Available


June Fri., 22nd   Available

June         Sat.,     23rd  Sheriton Hotel                  Blackpool

June Sun., 24th  Available


June Fri., 29th Available

June         Sat.,     30th  Glenburn Hotel   Scotland  Isle of Bute 

                         July 2018

July Sun., 1st Available


July Fri., 6th Available

July           Sat.,     7th   The Boars Head Hotel        Bishops Castle

July Sun., 8th  Available

July Wed., 11th West Derby Golf Club     Captain's Day (me)

July Fri., 13th  Available

July Sat., 14th      Grovenor Casino             Sheffield

July Sun.,15th Booked T G


July Fri., 20th  Available

July Sat., 21st  Derick Porter 40th Anniversary 

July Sun., 22nd  Available


July Fri., 27th Available

July           Sat.,   28th  Gemma's Wedding Day        booked

July Sun., 29th Available


                                  August 2018

August Fri., 3rd Available

August      Sat.,     4th  United Services Club           Widnes

August Sun., 5th  Available


August Fri., 10th  Available

August Sat., 11th  Ocean  Leasure booked

August Sun., 12th  Available


August Fri., 17th   Available

August      Sat.,     18th Elgin Hotel             Blackpool 

 August Sun., 19th  Available


August Fri., 24th  Holiday Village Hotel       Bogner Regis

August Sat., 25th  West Gate Common Club     Wakefield

August Sun., 26th  Available


August Fri., 31st The Garden Place            Blackpool

                     September 2018

September Sat., 1st  New Moston Club     Manchester

September Sun., 2nd Available


September Fri., 7th Available

September Sat.,    8th   Glenburn Hotel Scotland  Isle of  Bute

September Sun., 9th  Available


September Fri., 14th Available

September Sat., 15th  Prenton Golf Club           Wirral

September Sun., 16th Sinah Warren Hotel    Hayling Island


September Fri., 21st Available

September Sat.,  22nd  Lyndene Hotel      Blackpool

September Sun., 23rd  Available


September Fri., 28th Available

September Sat., 29th Van Dyke Hotel          Clowne Worksop

                        October 2018

October Fri., 5th Available

October     Sat., 6th   Broken Cross Club        Maccelsfield

October     Sun.,7th   Little Cote Hotel           Hungerford


October Fri., 12th Available

October      Sat., 13th Elgin Hotel                   Blackpool

October Sun., 14th   Available


October Fri., 19th Available

October      Sat., 20th  Booked

October Sun., 21st  Available


October Fri., 26th

October Sat., 27th Harrow Gate W. M. C.              Darlington

October Sun., 28th 

October Wed., 31st MEGA finish season game 

                    November 2018

November Fri., 2nd 

November Sat., 3rd The Naval Club                   Liverpool

November Sun., 4th


November Fri., 9th 

November Sat., 10th Elgin Hotel               Blackpool

November Sun., 11th


November Fri., 16th 

November Sat., 17th Van Dyke Hotel Clowne Worksop

November Sun., 18th


November Fri., 23rd 

November Sat., 24th  Glenburn Hotel Scotland Isle of Bute

November Sun., 25th


November Fri., 30th Bar Sports               Cannock

                          December 2018

December Sat., 1st   Ocean. Leasure.

December Sun., 2nd 





December   Fri.,    7th The Crown                 Widnes

December   Sat.,   8th  Doric Hotel              Blackpool

December Sun., 9th





December   Fri., 14th  Risboro Hotel         Llandudno 

December  Sat., 15th  Elgin Hotel              Blackpool 

December Sun., 16th  Britannia National Hotel     Leeds

December Mon., 17th  Van Dyke Hotel  Worksop