My moving along Gallery

  From 2004 to  today the look has  constantly been  improved to the  extent of  hair,  glasses, smile, pose  to get the air of  confidence  that is  needed to do the  show.

 I think it has also  developed with the  help of people's    reaction to the  looks,

 I have  experimented  with many many  styles


"Tina  Turner show"

 I totally changed  the hair to fit in  with the look of the song "HOT LEGS"

and found the reaction of the audience most appreciative.

 Looking towards the show alway's puts me in a delema, what look to go for depends on the type of audience I have to entertain that night, wearing tight's and doing the 60's look would be perfect for people dressed in that fashion but not when they are in suit's and formally dresssed.

Year 2013 



 Year 2010




 Style and a touch of class comes with the territory and there is always an air of flamboyance and surprise in the air with this show. 2006



 2004 the start and you have to start somewhere.