The plan for the coming year 2015 is to get back on TV and get a bit more publicity, but this has not worked so well in the past there is going to be a re series of

 "Stars in their eyes" next year and the auditions are in November and December this year

 I have filled in the application form and sent it off so hopefully there will be some feedback I can give you in the near future.

 What I do know is Harry Hill will be compareing the show next year and it looks like it might well be a winning program for ITV television

Warners have already booked shows in next year through the first 6months and are keen to book me up for the whole year with many return shows in all their venues

 The LYNDENE Hotel in Blackpool has taken a large amount of dates on me this year hopefully there will be other dates in next year to follow.

Morning Sarah - just thought you'd like to see the comments for the acts at Bodelwyddan Castle last weekend 28/6/13:

                Rod Stewart by Rock Stewart - Standing Ovation - This act was fantastic and brought the house down, more please!


The show goes well everywhere and I have had a lot of success with rebookings here are just a few that book the Rod Stewart show regularly.



 All Warners Hotels                            in the UK

  The Lyndene Hotel                            Blackpool

  The Ox  Watford                                London

  The Globe  Watford                          London

  The Dome North Watford                  London

  The Crock Of Gold Wembley            London

  Bembridge Coast Hotel                      Isle of wight

  Holiday Inns                                       Corby

  The Kings Croft Hotel                      Pontifract

  Ollerton House Hotel                       Newark

  The Van Dyke Hotel                        Worksop

  The North Sea Resteraunt                Leeds.

  Dukinfield Golf Club                       Manchester

  Rossendale Golf Club                      Lancashire

  Runcorn Golf Club                           Cheshire

 Chester Golf Club                              Cheshire

 Padeswood & Buckley Golf Club      Cheshire

 Downtown Bar                                    Bolton

 Genting Club Casino                          Derby


"MEGA" 25th Aniversary this year

As a member of Mersy Side Entertainers Golf Assosiation "MEGA"

I have met and played golf with a lot of golf passionate and freindly guys that are in the entertainment buisness, the aims of the club is to play golf mid week and mix with local artistes,

 to perform at golf evenings, which are recieved with fantastic support from both entertainers and golf club members, every meeting is packed with lots of fun and an abundance of comradery not to be equalled anywhere.

Adele tribute for this amazing  tribute to Adele or Alison Moyet + The 80s Experience that always fill's the dance floor Phone me on 01942 203254 or 07789321705