Rock Stewart Tribute Artiste  


The National Tribute Awards  

2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016  

And nominated for the 2017 award.  

By the UKs Agents Association.  

           "Rock Stewart"    

 Also seen On ITV's Loose Women    

voted best sound alike look alike 9/9/2015  


Rod Stewart,Penny&Sister.   






     Multi., Award Winning International Tribute

                and sensational showman.



              The Artiste: "ROCK STEWART"

   Voted the very best Rod Stewart tribute in the UK

  by the Agents Association 2013-2014-2015and2016      

     And Nominated For The National Tribute Awards 2017 by 

            Pellar Artistes Agency 

    Voted the best vocal on "LOOSE WOMEN"

           by Rod Stewart & Sister 9-9-2015

      Is the closest you will hear to the real thing.

                Fully look alike, sound alike,

      with the best vocals you are ever likely to hear.

      A top of the market tribute to the living legend.

     A well established & polished master of his art

       who has enchanted audiences across the UK,

   Northern Ireland, Germany, Europe, Hong Kong,                Holland, France & 3 years on cruise ships in                            The Caribbean Islands

       1 year as a lounge musician on cruise ships,

                       In The Far East.

Performing for the royal family in the United Emirate's

at the 200th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar.


        In 2008 The BBC featured Rock Stewart in

          "The One & Only"


         In a powerful and energetic live show,

   he lays acclaim to megastar  "ROD STEWART"

        With a unique gift of vocals,  featuring

                    "THE VOICE"

           eye popping guitar performance,

            magical harmonica & flute,

The show unfolds in a trip through musical memories

               of unforgetable favourites from

             "ROD STEWART"

               which will keep                any audience captivated.

He has entertained such distinguished Royalty as 

The Queen 

The Duke Of Edinburgh

Prince Charles

The Queen Mother

over the years of his career.


  A show not to be missed

      be right there with


CDs are also on sale at venues, A well worth, take home memory of this fine artiste at work, Priced £5.00 single album or double CD £10.00 these can also be purchased on line at the site shop."ROCK STEWART" The No1 Tribute